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Kim Kardashian’s Secret to Glowing Skin by BrandsExclusive

Forget the ghoulish vampire facial, Kim Kardashian has a simpler approach to beautiful skin these days. She’s made the FOREO LUNA face brush a staple in her beauty kit, taking advantage of the cute and compact deep cleaning solution when it comes to being selfie-ready.

And it’s not just the Kardashian “kween” that’s keen on this revolutionary gadget. Beauty junkies, beauty bloggers, and famous glossies around the globe are obsessed with the handy face brush, too. So much so it’s not uncommon to see it sell out instantly when it hits retail stores. But fear not, there’s no need to stand in line for this savvy beauty essential here. Brands Exclusive is excited to share the FOREO LUNA Facial Cleansing Brush with its members for less!

Foreo LUNA Mini Face Cleaner

Why we love the LUNA Facial Cleansing Brush
The revolutionary anti-aging and facial-cleansing system is recommended by beauty professionals worldwide as a convenient way to get cleaner, firmer, more youthful looking skin. By combining smooth silicone with T-Sonic pulsations, the LUNA gently lifts away dirt, oil, and makeup residue leaving skin smoother and brighter.

Just two minutes in the morning is all it takes for your face to reap the beautiful benefits including improved absorption of skincare products (talk about smart investing!), radiant skin, reduced blemishes, unclogged pores, reduction of dead skin cells, and healthier looking skin. The waterproof design makes it easy to work into your daily routine – be it at the basin or in the shower – and its compact nature makes it an easy tool to toss in your toiletries bag when travelling.

Foreo Luna Face Cleaner

FOREO is all about self-confidence. It specialises in innovative beauty and well-being products that help you put your best self forward! The Swedish brand was founded in 2013 under the motto of: confidence makes life more vibrant, and it’s the recipient of numerous awards for revolutionary technology and design. It pairs world-class experts and engineers at the FOREO Institute to make your morning routine easier, faster, and brighter!

Foreo Face Cleanser

Shop FOREO’s award-winning products now!

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Tokujin Yoshioka Designed a Glass Watch for ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project

Tokujin Yoshioka Designed a Glass Watch for ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project

Tokyo-based designer Tokujin Yoshioka adds another watch design to his portfolio of timepieces for Issey Miyake. The latest is the Glass Watch, which marks the 16th model of the ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project. The bold design dons a solid piece of transparent glass that gives the watch a sculptural feel.

Yoshioka is no stranger to working with glass, as evident by his previous work, so carrying the material to the wrist seems like a natural progression. Paired with a stainless steel case and a leather band, the watch has a sleek, minimalist feel.

The thick glass was machined so that light would beautifully reflect from all angles.

The Glass Watch will be available November 10th, 2017, at ISSEY MIYAKE shops worldwide and online at the ISSEY MIYAKE WATCH store.

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Villa N1: An All-Wood Summer House in Sweden Designed by Lindvall A & D

Villa N1: An All-Wood Summer House in Sweden Designed by Lindvall A & D

Built as a family summer house on the west coast of Sweden, Villa N1 was designed by Jonas Lindvall, of Lindvall A & D, to mimic the wooden barns clad in horizontal planks that are prevalent in the region. The single-story, all-wood house spans 190 square meters (approx. 2045 square feet) and is composed of five pavilion-like structures joined together in a row.

At one end, you’ll find the master bedroom and at the other end is the children’s bedrooms, with the common areas residing in the center volumes. The pavilions each feature a pitched roof, which leans towards traditional, but the simplicity of the overall design feels very modern.

Not just the walls are made of wood – the roof is too. The facade planks are made of oak that’s left untreated so that it ages naturally over time.

The master bedroom and playroom are set at a lower level as the landscape slopes. The public area is large and open with floor-to-ceiling windows that slide away and hide within the walls to create an indoor/outdoor flow. Pietra Serena stone covers the main areas and halls of the house and continues to the patio spaces for continuity.

Photos by Åke E:son Lindman.

via http://design-milk.com/

Peace Industry Introduces Fall Collection with Four Independent Designers

Peace Industry Introduces Fall Collection with Four Independent Designers

Peace Industry, a brand that specializes in Iran-made felt rugs, recently partnered with four independent designers for their Fall 2017 collection, including Alison Damonte, Hinterland Design, Raha Raissnia, and Disc Interiors. The rug collaborations show new, modern approaches to the age-old techniques of felt making through experimentation. Take a look.

You-me by Alison Damonte

Giving nod to abstract, minimalist painters, like Sol Lewitt and Ellsworth Kelly, the Alison Damonte Collection overlaps geometric forms that result in unusual rug shapes.

You-me by Alison Damonte \\\ Photo by Bruce Damonte

You-me by Alison Damonte \\\ Photo by Bruce Damonte

Sunrise by Alison Damonte

Sunrise by Alison Damonte

Tango by Alison Damonte

Making Tango

Fringe by Hinterland Design

Hinterland Design merges floating geometric shapes and pale gray backgrounds for a Memphis-deco feel. Accent curves and asymmetrical fringe add unexpected, yet playful details resulting in a post-modern look.

Radius by Hinterland Design

Rahita by Raha Raissnia

Multi-media artist Raha Raissnia brings a “raw and unstructured” aesthetic by referencing her own black and white oil paintings and black and white films.

Rahita by Raha Raissnia

Rahita by Raha Raissnia

Link by Disc Interiors

Disc Interiors

Link by Disc Interiors

Link by Disc Interiors

Field by Disc Interiors

Ink runners by Disc Interiors

Climb by Disc Interiors

Climb by Disc Interiors

Making Climb

To purchase the rugs from the Fall 2017 collection, shop here.

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Shuffle Your Belongings in Society6’s Newly Launched Duffle Bags

Shuffle Your Belongings in Society6’s Newly Launched Duffle Bags

I’m all about traveling as light as possible and sometimes I don’t need a full suitcase for a quick weekend getaway. That’s why I prefer duffle bags because they’re light and malleable for fitting into small spaces, like a packed trunk or a full plane. (Have you ever boarded a plane last and slowly realized with fear that there’s no place to put your luggage? It’s annoying, isn’t it?) Society6 just launched new duffle bags so depending on whether you’re traveling across the town or across the country, keeping a duffle bag on hand ensures that you’ll have the right bag for your travels when the time comes. Here are 10 of our favorites!

Winter bears and trees duffle bag by CocoDes

map duffle bag by Mark Ashkenazi

Meltdown duffle bag by Roxanne G

Abstract Christmas ornament 4 duffle bag by PalitraArt

Birch Tree duffle bag by Rodrigomffonseca

Geometric Triangles duffle bag by Gary Andrew Clarke

Palms Pattern duffle bag by Nileshkikuuchise

Back to School duffle bag by Simplicity Of Life

Metallic Mountains duffle bag by SpaceFrogDesigns

Fill With Authentic Geo Blue duffle bag by Natalia DG

In an ongoing effort to support independent artists from around the world, Design Milk is proud to partner with Society6 to offer The Design Milk Dairy, a special collection of Society6 artists’ work curated by Design Milk and our readers. Proceeds from the The Design Milk Dairy help us bring Design Milk to you every day.

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Simon Legald’s Junto Series is Inspired by Traditional Spanish Water Containers

Simon Legald’s Junto Series is Inspired by Traditional Spanish Water Containers

A traditional Spanish botijo, a clay container used to hold water, is behind Simon Legald’s Junto series for Danish brand Normann Copenhagen. Made from terracotta, the slightly rustic carafe and matching cups combine smooth surfaces with a ridged texture, which aids in gripping when you go to pick it up. The earthy terracotta gives it a handmade feel while its clean lines swing toward a contemporary aesthetic.

Besides the look that the material gives it, just like original botijos, it’s used for its cooling abilities, perfect for water. And like the containers they reference, Junto’s carafe features two spouts, one that’s used to fill it and the other that’s used for pouring.

The complementary cups have the same look and feel, just with alternating surfaces – matte and glazed, ridged and smooth – from the carafe.

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Stem Minimalist Table Lamp by Minimalux

Stem Minimalist Table Lamp by Minimalux

Stem is a minimalist table light designed by London-based company Minimalux. The lamp maintains the brand’s quiet and formal simplicity that is consistent throughout their entire collection. In keeping with the use of premium materials, the lamp comes available in either brass, chrome, or black nickel.

The table lamp is composed of handblown opal glass, which surrounds the bulb, leaving only a small window that can be used to direct light. The globe is supported by a length of solid brass tubing along with a powder-coated steel base.

When turned off, the lamp has a sculptural quality to its balanced aesthetic, proving to have a striking appearance even when not in use. The two meter transparent cable houses the on/off switch, and has plugs made available for the U.S., Japan, and European markets.

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