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The Beach Cottage: A 1957 Beach House in Southern California Goes Modern

The Beach Cottage: A 1957 Beach House in Southern California Goes Modern

Surfside Projects set out to turn a 1957 ranch in the coastal city of Encinitas, California, into a fun, environmentally conscious modern home called The Beach Cottage. They used the project as a bit of an experiment to test out new materials and techniques while keeping the charm of the original beach bungalow intact.

The original two-bedroom, one-bathroom structure remained the same but they upgraded it to code. The new angled volume replaced a dilapidated 60’s addition, built right on top of the old concrete slab.

Around back, long overhangs offer shelter from the sun while allowing natural light into the interior. Massive sliding glass doors open up to create that indoor/outdoor living feel.

Succulents and desert friendly plants were planted to add life to the once bare backyard (see before photos below!).

The cabinet doors in the kitchen are decked out with sheets of Marine-grade plywood right off the shelves.

The slanted roof allows for a row of clerestory windows that further fill the open space with daylight.

The vaulted ceiling in the living room makes way for surfboards to hang above.

Check out the before photos!

Photos by Darren Bradley, courtesy of BowerBird.

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Listen to Episode 49 of Clever: Lisa Roberts

Listen to Episode 49 of Clever: Lisa Roberts

In this episode of Clever, collector and high-design advocate, Lisa Roberts, reflects on a childhood spent in an architecturally significant home that discomfited her because it made her feel different from her peers, and also ignited her passion for design because it seeped into her very being. Now, having collected more than 400 “Antiques of the Future,” she uses her collection to educate, author books, and advocate for the game changing power of design. Not too shabby for ol’ Curtains Roberts, eh? Mr. Waffles approves. Meow!


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Bean to Bar – Meet London’s Single Origin Chocolate Pioneer

Bean to Bar – Meet London’s Single Origin Chocolate Pioneer

Phil Landers makes single origin chocolate from an old furniture workshop in London’s Bethan Green. “My earliest memory of chocolate is my dad telling me off for eating too much,” says the founder of Land Chocolate. Having spent most of his twenties working for the BBC and eating too much low-quality chocolate, a trip to Central America changed everything.

“The whole chocolate thing was never in the plan, it was just one of those things that happened by chance, but it became one of those obsessive things that I wanted to do. Nothing was going to stop me.”

Having learnt the basics in Central America, Phil honed his craft with chocolatiers like Paul A Young and the Mast Brothers and then set up on his own in 2016 in an old furniture makers workshop in Bethnal Green.

Today, Phil buys cocoa beans from Honduras and Nicaragua, paying more than twice what even FairTrade demands, to make a range of single origin and single bean bars. “Without the farmers, there aren’t chocolate makers, and unfortunately I think the importance of them has been lost along the way.” The price of his award-winning chocolate reflects its quality. “I want to make people question what they’re eating – in a positive way,” he says. “With this chocolate, you have to treat it like you’re tasting a wine, and you’ll get these incredible flavours coming through.”

Land Chocolate is still a ‘one-man show,’ with every part of the process carried out under one roof. “It is a labor love – you have to strive to be the best at every stage of the process,” says the man who carefully hand-folds every piece of chocolate into its foil wrapper. “It’s not a very glamorous job. As much as people would love to think it’s like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ it’s so far removed it’s unbelievable!”

Special thanks to William Scothern for the video.

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kaschkasch Designs the Floating YOMA Bed for Zeitraum

kaschkasch Designs the Floating YOMA Bed for Zeitraum

kaschkasch and Zeitraum have partnered again on a bed that appears to be floating above the floor. The YOMA bed takes inspiration from the futon, the ever-so-popular sofa slash bed design that peaked in the 90s. The futon as we know it was derived from traditional Japanese sleeping futons that unroll on the floor on top of tatami mats. The more contemporary European version continued the minimalist design but adapted it for more comfort. Now, kaschkasch gives it a spin with a modern futon bed that remains simple but surprises with clever details.

The low frame with its extended edges gives it a floating feel while offering the benefits of a shelf or side table you can place your book or drink. If you need additional surface space, the YOMA Plate side table can be added anywhere around the edge. The back cushions slide in for additional comfort while reading or watching TV and can be moved around depending on your needs.

The thoughtfully rounded corners appear inviting and ensure you won’t injure yourself when passing by the bed.

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Patricia Urquiola’s Lariana Bathroom Line for Agape

Patricia Urquiola’s Lariana Bathroom Line for Agape

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola continues to expand her design empire by venturing into the often forgotten bathroom with a collection that includes a bathtub and washbasins for Agape. Lariana gives nod to Lake Como, formerly known as Larius, where Urquiola recently completed designing the Il Sereno five-star hotel.

First up in the collection is the bathtub, which makes its debut in the hotel with its clean lines that form its compact silhouette, paying homage to early 20th century Milanese architecture.

In addition to the tub, Lariana includes two washbasins, one oval and one round, that sit on top of the countertop. The designs also feature a curved bowl with a contrasting angular exterior, much like the bathtub, and come in either Cristalplant® or marble.

The sinks also come in a freestanding version where the bowl sits off to one side with a shelf to store things.

The Lariana collection is available at DOM Interiors.

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4 Fancy Updos For Short Hair by BrandsExclusive

In the past few years, short hairstyles have well and truly come into their own – bobs, lobs and pixie cuts have entertained the mainstream, sported by everyone from our fave celebs and it-girls to our coworkers and friends. We love the low-maintenance, casual-chic vibe of shorter hairstyles (not to mention the hours you save hairdrying), but it can definitely be a challenge styling them up for formal occasions.

Never fear, we’ve combed the beauty pages for ideas and inspiration, and are ready to share four gorgeous yet easy-to-create looks. Perfect for the next time you have a wedding, graduation, or are just feeling a little fancy!

1. Half-up, half down

With a few waves of the curling wand and a bit of texture, you can make a simple half-up hairstyle look positively angelic. The possibilities are endless – weave two mini braids from the front of your face and fasten them with a cute pin at the back of the head, or fashion a loose, messy bun. Elevate this hairstyle by using a statement jewelled clip, or adorn your braids with flowers for a festival-ready look.

2. Simple and sleek low bun


It doesn’t get easier than this classic, effortlessly sophisticated look. When you’ve got short hair, it’s far easier to pull it into a bun at the nape of your neck than at the middle or top of the head. The trick to elevating this style is making sure that you’ve got it as sleek as possible, so make sure to use a smoothing cream to tame flyaways or lock it all down with hairspray.

3. Textured side braids

Side braids do double duty for fancy short hair updos. Not only do they look gorgeous, they keep particularly short pieces of hair and flyaways away from the sides of the face, eliminating the need for dozens of bobby pins (that you inevitably lose).

To ensure the braids stay in place, texturise your hair first with sea spray or dry shampoo. Then, simply braid along the sides of your head until you reach the nape of your neck. Secure the remaining hair with bobby pins, and voila – now you look like you’ve just stepped out of a fairytale.

4. Mini stacked buns

The prohibiting factor encountered by us short-haired gals when it comes to many traditional bun updos is that our hair simply isn’t long enough to pull into a single bun. So here’s a fun hack that solves this problem while providing a zany twist on this classic look – mini stacked buns! Simply separate your hair into three ponytails, one on top of the other running down the back of the head, and then wrap them into miniature buns before securing with pins. It gives a great casual, freewheeling style that’s perfect for a cocktail party or beach wedding.

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