FEIT Introduces Balance SS17 Men’s Collection

FEIT Introduces Balance SS17 Men’s Collection

New York based FEIT released some impeccably crafted leather trainers a couple of years ago that made us take note of what the company was all about. Like their 2015 trainers, the latest collection boasts the same level of craftsmanship and natural materials, while focusing on the idea of balance. The SS17 men’s collection drives the wearer to experience a deeper connection with the earth to keep ourselves, and the world, in balance. Each pair is shaped and molded by hand so you can imagine the care that goes into each cut, stitch, and step.

The Wrap Boot is an updated version of the jodhpur boot made from one piece of leather for a minimalist look. Instead of the typical buckles, the boot has a vegetable-tanned lace that ties up the back of the ankle for a clean silhouette.

Wrap Boot

The Side Lace Oxford shifts the lacing to the side of the one-piece leather shoe giving it a streamlined look for dressing up or a casual look.

Side Lace Oxford

The Hand Sewn Low Court Sneakers and Slippers are modern, high-end versions of your classic court sneakers. Each pair features unlined raw edges on the Semi-Cordovan leather and a zero-drop sole that keeps the foot parallel to the ground for better balance.

Hand Sewn Low Court Sneaker and Hand Sewn Slipper

Hand Sewn Low Court Sneaker

Hand Sewn Low Court Sneaker

Hand Sewn Low Court Sneakers

Court Sneakers

Hand Sewn Slippers

Hand Sewn Slipper

Crafted out of sustainable and water-resistant bamboo, the Bamboo Flip Flops are formed out of three layers of hand-formed bamboo with a rubber insert at its flex point for added comfort. A Vibram outsole will protect the bamboo during wear while also providing traction.

Bamboo Flip Flop

Along with four new styles of shoes, the collection includes a series of bags. FEIT founder Tull Price reimagined the traditional sailing dry bag in vegetable-tanned leather to result in the large-sized Navy Bags. It’s made to be worn as a cross body bag or over the shoulder.

Navy Bag

Navy Bag

Navy Bag

Navy Bag

Navy Bag

Navy Bag

Navy Bag

via http://design-milk.com/

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