Alien-Like Planter Lights From Goula / Figuera Studio

Alien-Like Planter Lights From Goula / Figuera Studio

You might have been able to tell that we weren’t completely sure what to call these. Viride is so unique and interesting that we haven’t even gotten a name for them yet. Goula / Figuera Studio, which designed Viride, calls it a collection of “experimental luminaries”, which brings together two common objects found in homes—artificial lighting and flora. Knowing that oftentimes flora needs natural light to thrive, which is not always available in homes, Goula / Figuera Studio decided to solve that need with a specific design object that not only highlights home plants, but also ensures that it gets the lighting it needs.

Enter Viride, a collection of three different types of luminaries that are designed to fit specific plants’ morphologies. They are sculptural design objects that act as planters, while also giving off light from its LED panels to ensure the plant gets the right amount of light. Each LED light turns on and off periodically depending on how much light the plant needs.

Viride Uno, as its name would suggest, has one large LED panel that doesn’t move. It is best for airplants or other epiphytes, which grow without soil and get nutrients from air.

Viride Dos (featured) has two panels that can be rotated and has a wide container for plants that need a lot of soil. Moreover, the planter section rotates at a low speed to ensure the plant receives the necessary amount of light. It include an air humidifier as well.

Viride Tres is meant for hanging plants and has three LED panels ensuring that the plant gets light from all angles. When it is on, the LED panels rotate continuously to mimic sunrise and sunset.

Watch it in action below.



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