Miniature Test Tube Sculptures By Rosa de Jong

Miniature Test Tube Sculptures By Rosa de Jong

Micro Matter, an A’ Design award winning project by Rosa de Jong, is meant to transport you into new worlds, all wrapped in a tiny test tube. Inspired by how when viewing art that has space around it, another dimension is created that can feel a bit like meditation, which led Rosa to create Micro Matter.

Micro Matter consists of multiple upside down glass test tubes, each with its own miniature world. Whether they’re houses, skyscrapers, or even campsites, each sculpture inspired the next one. Each one is completely unique—there is nothing like it. They are meant to take you from one world to another, to incur your imagination and create a little haven for you, cut off from the outside word.



Author: Connor Renwick

I'm a store mad guy who loves sharing the best and quirkiest shopping experiences around. I live for designer fashion, Versace, high end furniture, jewellery and travel.

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