Brdr. Kruger Launches Two New Danish Designs: TRIIIO + THEODOR

Brdr. Kruger Launches Two New Danish Designs: TRIIIO + THEODOR

Brdr. Krüger has worked with Danish architect Hans Bølling to create TRIIIO, a trio of tables, and with Danish design practice OeO Studio on THEODOR, a dining chair, both furniture pieces that celebrate classic Danish design. The designs stem from the desire to reinterpret the Danish mid-century modern movement with a spin for a contemporary audience.

TRIIIO is a set of iconic tables that were reworked to add tinted glass and brass accents, giving it a modern twist. A floating glass tabletop sits across more playful wooden legs, that are curvy and sculptural at the same time.

There are three tables in the set — a coffee table, side table, and dining table. All tables are made in either oak, walnut, or a black stained birch. The tabletops also come in a set of three, either clear, black or bronze. All tables come with luxurious brass details and are made in Denmark.

THEODOR is a dining chair that combines traditional craft techniques with a new point of view. It looks familiar, yet different at the same time. It has a distinct simplicity, rooted in Scandinavian design, but not so much that it doesn’t appeal to an international audience. Like TRIIIO, it is made in Denmark at the Brdr. Krüger workshop.



Author: Connor Renwick

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