Writer Gertrude Stein Is Now A Permanent Guest At The Renwick Hotel

Writer Gertrude Stein Is Now A Permanent Guest At The Renwick Hotel

Iconic American writer Gertrude Stein is getting her own suite at the Renwick Hotel in New York, joining previous fellow residents of the hotel like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Mann and John Steinbeck. The Renwick, which was recently renovated by Stonehill & Taylor Architects and Planners, has a nostalgic interior design that pays homage to the literary greats of the American Lost Generation. Now, with Stein being the first female creative to be added to the hotel design, the Renwick gets a girl-powered suite that honors Stein’s celebrated flowery works in literature.

Designer Kim Edwards at Stonehill & Taylor led the creative initiative and tapped on the talents of local female artists to decorate the suite with Stein-inspired motifs and design, including a rose-shaped infinite loop of Stein’s famous quote “A rose is a rose is a rose” and a portrait of Stein as painted by Pablo Picasso himself. The writer led an extraordinary life in Paris and hosted salon nights with her pals Picasso and Henri Matisse. So, the design team transformed the suite into the classic French Salon, complete with a vintage tea cart and handmade tea set by ceramicist Alice Goldsmith. Finally, the three works of string art by artist Jessica Clark are a nod to Stein’s famed novel “Three Lives.”

The rest of the hotel suites are just as clever, with quotes, paintings, and string art of Stein’s male contemporaries.

What: The Renwick Hotel
Where: 118 E 40th St, New York, NY 10016
How much? Rooms start at approximately $224 per night
Highlights: We’re happy to see a female creative taking up residence at this unique hotel that pays homage to the literary luminaries of the 1920s. If you’re a writer or grew up enjoying iconic American novels, this hotel would be perfect for you.
Design draw: Like the other suites of the hotel, the Gertrude Stein Suite was designed to celebrate the writer’s great works in literature. The fact that local female artists were called upon to help design the suite is delightfully fitting too.
Book it: Visit the Renwick Hotel.

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