Take a Modern Escape to Chile’s Wine Country at the Viña Vik Hotel

Take a Modern Escape to Chile’s Wine Country at the Viña Vik Hotel

I can’t think of a better pairing than wine and design, and what better way to enjoy both of them than at the luxurious Viña Vik hotel in Millahue, Chile? Designed by Alexander and Carrie Vik in association with architect Marcelo Daglio, the Viña Vik is an incredible property with 22 unique suites that let you enjoy the finer things in life — and trust us, this hotel is chock full of it. Just take a look…

The hotel is nestled beside 12 valleys on 12,000 hectares of unspoiled land. The juxtaposition of the modern exteriors with the 360-degree views of nature is completely picturesque. From afar, the Viña Vik catches your eye immediately with its undulating, bronzed titanium façade, an easy reference to the valleys and peaks that surround it.

Azuelejo Suite

Azuelejo Suite

Each of the 22 suites at the Viña Vik have their own theme, with their own carefully curated and designed interiors. The furnishings are all modern, antique, or exclusive to the property and the artworks are created by Chilean and international artists. Carrie Vik also included designs of her own, from cactus wood doors to serape-upholstered ottomans. One of the features that we’re glad isn’t an exclusive to any one suite? The floor-to-ceiling glass windows that showcase the expansive views of the vineyard.

Fornasetti Suite

An homage to the Italian painter, sculptor, and interior designer Piero Fornasetti, the Fornasetti Suite features a table designed by the master himself.

Gabler’s Grisaille Suite

Graffiti Suite

Graffiti Suite

H Suite

H Suite

The H Suite features an unexpected side table made using an Hermès saddle, upholstered walls with leather piping, and exquisite Dennison floors.

La Patricia Suite

Minimalist Suite

Norge Suite

Redondo Suite

Valenzuela Suite

What: The Viña Vik Hotel
Where: Hacienda Vik, Millahue Sin Numero, San Vincente de Tagua Tagua, VI Chile
How much? Suites currently start at approximately $853/night
Highlights: This luxurious escape to Chile’s wine country pairs modern design with fine wine – an unbeatable pairing, in our opinion. Everything from the architecture to the interior decor to the wine you sip has been carefully curated or crafted because Alexander and Carrie Vik employed experts to ensure that you’re enjoying only the best.
Design: All 22 suites of the hotel are varied in design from each other, so your stay is uniquely different from other fellow guests (something not all hotels can boast).
Book it: Visit the Viña Vik Hotel

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