Our Fave Celeb ‘Behind The Scenes’ Met Gala Instagrams by BrandsExclusive

We like to think of the Met Gala red carpet as like a chocolate chip cookie. Yes, the glitz and glamour of the finished #celeb #looks are great, just like our perfectly baked cookie (and we love tearing into both with equal savagery). But secretly, we all know that the best part of making cookies is actually sneaking bites of chewy, chip-laden cookie dough before we get them into the oven – and likewise, the real fun of the Met Gala is all about the hype and excitement leading up to the big night.

The ‘get ready with me’ pre-red carpet Instagram frenzy is by now a tradition for any social media-savvy celeb, and here are a few of our favourites from the night!

Miranda Kerr

Surely we’ve got to kick things off with one our own. The bright lights of Manhattan are a long way from humble Gunnedah, but our home-grown veteran supermodel is perfectly at home as she strikes a pose – wisely stretching out the hamstrings and hydrating the visage in preparation for what is sure to be a long night of partying. And ever the shrewd businesswoman, she manages to slip in a plug for her Kora Organics range. Atta, girl.

Lena Dunham

We love how sweetly lo-fi this photo is – it could well be any of us snapping a sneaky insty of our housemate as she heads out for a hot date. Trust Lena to be relatable as always.

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady

Depending on your current relationship status and how much you like coffee, dairy, mushrooms, iodised salt…(all things the super fit and photogenic couple don’t eat), you’ll probably find this loved up photo cute or gag-inducing. To be frank, our own feelings about these overly-polished members of celebrity royalty err from day to day, but we’ll admit that amidst the sea makeup artists, stylists, hair curlers and lippies in other snaps, it’s nice to see a sweet moment between two (very beautiful) people.

Liu Wen

Chinese supermodel Liu Wen has made the “get ready with me” Instagram an art form. With beautifully shot, editorial-like photos, she makes use of the app’s new album feature to take you step-by-step through her process of glamming up for the big night.

Lily Collins

Has anyone told Lily that you’re meant to bathe before you get dressed? Our concerns about her process aside, the actress is an avant-garde goddess in this fun behind the scenes shot – tulle everywhere and an artfully placed black heel sticking out for dramatic effect. We’re into it.

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I'm a store mad guy who loves sharing the best and quirkiest shopping experiences around. I live for designer fashion, Versace, high end furniture, jewellery and travel.

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