Ambassador Lighting Installation by Stickbulb and RUX

Ambassador Lighting Installation by Stickbulb and RUX

Stickbulb, a sleek, modular lighting brand committed to using sustainably sourced materials, have debuted the ambitious installation Ambassador, designed in collaboration with creative agency RUX for Collective Design Fair. Both a large-scale sculpture and optical illusion, it re-adapts 300-year-old redwood reclaimed from New York City water towers into an 8-foot-tall, half-moon of ethereal light. The form and scale are intended to reflect the majesty of the world’s largest and most ancient trees.

Stickbulb was co-founded in 2012 by Yale School of Architecture graduates Russell Greenberg and Christopher Beardsley of RUX design as a way to combine their mutual love of architecture, modular systems, and sustainable manufacturing. Born from a pile of scrap wood, Stickbulb had the original objective to “build with light,” which has since been fulfilled in collaborations with brands like Google, Facebook and Wholefoods, as well as in private commissions for hotels, offices, and residences across the globe.

Stickbulb LED fixtures are handcrafted in New York City from sleek wooden beams reclaimed from locally demolished buildings and sourced from sustainably managed forests. Stickbulb products range from small desk lamps to room-filling custom installations and can be found in a growing list of international showrooms.



Author: Connor Renwick

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