Fashion Week: A Look At Bold, Weird, and Brave Street Style by BrandsExclusive

Fashion Week is just as trend-setting on the runway as it is off the runway. With some of fashion’s biggest and brightest minds congregating together in a show of extravagance, creativity, and boldness, it’s expected that a number of… strange outfits may show up.

Whether it’s big and bold, a bit weird, or just something that would’ve taken a lot of bravery to leave the home in, we’ve collected some of Fashion Week’s wackiest looks to bring you a bit of inspiration ahead of our own Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Image via High Snobiety
There’s something unbelievably unsettling about these shoes… Perhaps the thought that they may stab into his knees as he walks? Regardless, we commend the guy for heading out in these shoes, without a concern for whether his knees get stabbed or not.
Image via The Fashion Spot
Picking out the different components of this outfit and choosing to put them together would have surely been an interesting process. Glitter & gold? Check. Snakeskin thigh high boots? Check. Glossy furs? Check. Weird hat that somehow seems to tie it all together? Check.
Image via The Fashion Spot
Seeing this look at a rave would look kind of tragic and sad as you wonder how this lost little girl lost her clothing and her mind, yet at Fashion Week we’d call this pure bold brilliance. And a little weird, too.
Image via Refinery 29
While these Gucci shoes are most definitely bold and weird, we’ve picked this image solely for the flash of personality shown with the ankle bandana. A++ for injecting personal style subtly.
Image via Refinery 29
How’s this for bold, brave, and pretty damn beautiful? Mixing fashion together with avant-garde costuming and a sass that can’t be beaten; with this kind of confidence you could pull off any old look.
Image via Refinery 29
We’ve got to commend this lady for not only pulling off double denim, but what also appears to be double pants… Definitely brave and definitely weird.
Image via Refinery 29
We love this outfit because it’s completely unique and original – taking the pinstripes from the suits, the wide legged pants from the fashion-forward, and the emerald motorcycle style jacket from the tacky. The result = bold, bold, bold.
Image via Popsugar
There’s silhouettes, then there’s silhouettes. The combo of the playful shape of this coat with the fun straddle pants makes for an outfit that’s essentially saying ‘Yes, I look ridiculous, but that’s the point’.
Image via Pinterest
Oh boy. This is something we were reluctant to add, but couldn’t deny the bravery, boldness, or weirdness of it all. What looks like unicorn vomit mixed with a cosplay outfit can really only be pulled off with confidence, confidence, confidence.
Image via NY Post
On the left we have a completely original mix of Mad Max dystopian fashion, classy headwear, baggy urban shorts, and shoes that look like a moon boot. On the right: what appears to be overgrown moss on a shapeless dress. Despite that, this couple is oozing cool and a style that says ‘You don’t get my taste’.
Image via NY Post
Part jester, part band geek, this outfit looks like the result of an Arts and Crafts day at school. That said, the lady’s bold and she looks quite wacky too. We’re into it.
Image via NY Post
When martial arts meets the Scottish highlands… This girl knows what she’s doing, heading to Fashion Week in ultimate comfort while throwing a never-seen-before cultural fusion in the mix.

Image via High Snobiety
While guy on the left and guy on the right definitely look bold, brave, and wacky, it’s the guy in the middle who’s running the show. Rectangular sunnies, Mickey Mouse headgear, and a coat that hides whatever marvellous outfit he’s yet to reveal, this guy is the true winner.

Image via High Snobiety
On the off chance that Fashion Week lasts too long, pack a sleeping bag with you. No but really, this woman has pulled of silhouettes like no other, and at the same time set herself up for an impromptu camping trip should the opportunity arise.


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