Studio Corelam Launches a Collection for Those Living in Compact Spaces

Studio Corelam Launches a Collection for Those Living in Compact Spaces

Vancouver, B.C.-based studio Studio Corelam formed to create designs that were practical, simple, and beautiful, while supporting their local community with their production and distribution practices. On top of that, they’ve chosen to focus on sustainability through their use of environmentally-friendly materials and processes, with the goal of reducing their impact on the environment. To kick things off, they’re launching a three-piece collection, called Tidal, which will be launching on Kickstarter on May 16th. The pieces are all lightweight but durable and easy to put together and take apart, making them perfect for those who move frequently or live in smaller spaces.

The material they work with is called Corelam™ and it’s the result of research by Vancouver designer and professor, Christian Blyt, who created the lightweight, corrugated plywood. It requires little energy to produce in their custom hydraulic press which forms each piece under 400 tons of pressure.

Lean to is a minimalist shelf that rests against a wall while holding your books or decorative items on one of its five shelves. It’s lightweight and and needs only one tool to assemble

Capilano, which was named after a Squamish Chief who lived on Vancouver’s North Shore, is a wall-mounted coat rack. The 15 “waves” at the top form hooks to hold your coats, bags, scarves, or other items.

The Round a bout works as a side table, nightstand, or stool with a top that has felt on one side and wood on the other. A hole easily contains your smartphone or device cables and inside is space to store your stuff. It comes flat-packed and easily snaps together without the need for hardware.


Author: Connor Renwick

I'm a store mad guy who loves sharing the best and quirkiest shopping experiences around. I live for designer fashion, Versace, high end furniture, jewellery and travel.

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