Parallel Universe Collection by Henri Judin

Parallel Universe Collection by Henri Judin

A self-described maximal-minimalist, Finnish designer Henri Judin focuses on horizontal and vertical lines, along with his love of optical illusions, in his latest collection called the Parallel Universe. Each design was created in pairs with identical measurements and shapes, but with opposing lines – one vertical and the other horizontal – that make them visually and structurally different.

The Liquorice chairs are made of bent, powder-coated steel rods that resemble licorice candy. The rods on the seats and backs are laid out in opposite directions so when they’re stacked, it creates a grid.

The Liquorice shelves follow the same design as the chairs above, with vertical and horizontal rods that look like licorice.

Looking to Op art and optical illusions, the Sun & Moon tables have bases with twisted flat steel bars that form circular illusions.

Photo by Chikako Harada

Saturnus & Uranus cups are a pair of coffee cups that actually have the same measurements and inner shapes, but their exteriors are different. One cup has horizontal lines and the other vertical, creating different visual effects that also double as heat protectors so you don’t burn your fingers.

Photo by Johanna Kinnari /A-lehdet

The y=mx+b lamp is minimalist in design made up of three black bars with the two middle bars being movable. The bottom middle bar folds out to stabilize the lamp, while the top bar can be raised to become a task or reading light.



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