Another Human Launches at Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2017

Another Human Launches at Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2017

Los Angeles-based Leah Ring just launched her design practice, Another Human, at Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2017, where we fell for her work. The studio focuses on one-of-a-kind furniture, objects, and jewelry, each with their own unique spin that aim to challenge “traditional constructs of form, proportion and materiality.” During the NYC-based show, they debuted their inaugural collection of goods. Take a look.

The Vacation table displays natural vacation souvenirs within a man-made acrylic table letting you dream of vacation without even having to leave your house. The dark version houses black sand from Hawaii and obsidian from Mexico, with the light version containing star sand from Japan and quartz crystals from China. The tops also come off so you can swap them out with your own vacation finds if you wish.

The Aura mirrors feature monolithic mirrors set within semi-precious stone bases made out of obsidian, basalt, calcite and fluorite. Each of the stones are known to have different metaphysical properties, while the mirrors act as spiritual and physical reflections.

The Tubular magazine rack features playful, bold curves, while its matte black finish and leather sling take it to a more upscale level.

The Just Cant valet takes inspiration from the Memphis Movement with its geometric shapes and bright blue color. It features a mirror, key hook, bag/coat hook, and shelf all rolled into a playful statement piece.

The Stacks bench is a modern version of stacked meditation stones with velvet-covered cushions that can be removed or reconfigured into various positions for comfort.

And lastly, Another Human has also delved into the jewelry world with a series of handmade necklaces made from clay. The oversized pendants bring a sculptural element to your neckline in a playful way.



Author: Connor Renwick

I'm a store mad guy who loves sharing the best and quirkiest shopping experiences around. I live for designer fashion, Versace, high end furniture, jewellery and travel.

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