Exclusive: Candle Snuffer Collection by OTHR

Exclusive: Candle Snuffer Collection by OTHR

Our latest OTHR exclusive preview is a special collection of three mantle-worthy objects: the Apex, Halcyon and Ocaso candle snuffers in 3D printed steel.

These three geometric candle snuffers each bring a fresh take to a classic form. The designers—Pablo Alabau, Vera & Kyte, and Studio Yonoh—have reconceived the iconic object, each in their own design language. While the candle snuffers are unique, shapes are repeated throughout so that the three objects become a cohesive collection.

From each vantage point, these objects change in form and character. Handle and cone extinguish any flame with ease, without splashing or sooting.

Vera & Kyte, designer of the Apex Candle Snuffer, is a Norwegian design studio created by Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte. The two channel their curiosity and shared aesthetic into furniture, products and interior architecture. Pablo Alabau, designer of the Halcyon Candle Snuffer, is a Spanish graphic-turned-product designer, who now lives and works in New York City. Studio Yonoh, designer of the Ocaso Candle Snuffer, is a Valencia-based studio, focused on pure and minimal design.

Halcyon Candle Snuffer by Pablo Alabau

Apex Candle Snuffer by Vera & Kyte

Ocaso Candle Snuffer by Studio Yonoh

Get your early edition of the Candle Snuffer Collection in matte black 3D Printed Steel here before it goes on sale to everyone else on Thursday.

OTHR is an on-demand 3D printed design brand producing objects by today’s most talented designers— and each week, we bring you exclusive, pre-launch access to their latest designs.

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