4 Breathtaking Caves and Treehouses You Can Rent in NSW by BrandsExclusive

How boring is doing the same thing every time? If you’re tired of camping, you’ve rented one too many holiday homes and hotel rooms, and you’re ready to take your vacation experience to the next damn level, have we got a treat for you.

Who knew NSW was home to such magical spaces as sprawling treehouses and stunning caves? And better yet, who knew these dreamy spaces were available for us to rent as accommodation this whole time?

Treat yourself or a loved one this winter, and rent one of these incredible natural spaces for a weekend away like no other. You’re welcome!

The Enchanted Cave, Bilpin

Image via Airbnb

Dear God, we’re wondering why humans ever evolved out of the caveman stage. This breathtaking cave is built on a natural clifftop rock platform, with a secret entrance through a tiny round doorway straight out of Hobbiton. Here you’re surrounded by nature, in quiet seclusion, with all the comforts and beautiful scenery you need. Light a fire, take a bath in the spa, or just lay in bed and gaze out the windows.

The Den Treehouse, The Pocket

Image via Airbnb

Just 20 minutes away from Byron Bay is this incredible treehouse secluded in a valley and surrounded by lush virgin rainforest. Shower out in nature with stunning views of the sprawling treetops and nature reserve below you. Enjoy nature hikes and trails, and go for a swim in the nearby waterfall. Play on the outdoor swing, hang out with the pony, baby chicks, and natural wildlife, and enjoy amazing sunrise views over the Pacific Ocean.

Treehouse, Blue Mountains

Image via Airbnb

This is a luxurious treehouse for the elite, with sprawling 360° views of stunning Blue Mountains scenery. Nestled high up amongst the treetops and surrounded by 600 acres of private wilderness, this treehouse is everything you dreamed of as a small child. Built from natural materials, with a jacuzzi spa, kitchenette, fireplace, and floor-to-ceiling windows wrapping the space, this is where to go to completely get away from everything and reconnect with nature.

White Cliffs Underground Motel, White Cliffs

Image via Airbnb

We’ve dreamed of living underground since we first learned about Coober Pedy, but this underground lodge is not so far away. In the searing heat of Outback NSW, find refuge underground, surrounded by Earth and away from ambient lighting and noise. With all the usual motel facilities – without all the digital distractions – these dugouts will have you sleeping in peace and comfort away from the external world.

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