Way On: Providing Solutions For New Habits of Society

Way On: Providing Solutions For New Habits of Society

This year at Salone del Mobile 2017, the University School of Design and Art of Barcelona (EINA), put their students front and center with Way On. Showcasing six projects developed by third and fourth year students in the Design program, each project explored the idea of user experience and provided solutions to an ever changing world. The Way On initiative was coordinated by professors Javier Nieto and Oriol Ventura.

Though Nomad may first seem like a giant chair, it is in fact a shelter for everyday life. This shared space, designed by Ferran Gesa and Caterina Vianna, is a different way to work together and get a moment’s respite during a busy day.

Köllen Tryk is no ordinary wall hanger. Students Oriol Campillo, Núria Jané, Adrián Soldado and Paula Terra combined forces to create an interactive hanger that the user can play with. By pushing the knobs in or out, the user can change the composition of the hanger to fit the clothes.

Y-light is a modular light that adds the user’s unique touch to any space. It’s a light that is made up of Y-shaped modules, making it easy to put together in different forms, proving a custom look. It was created by Clara Alfós, Sara Coll, Andrea Martínez, Ariadna Puigdomènech, Maria Roca, Sergi Rodríguez and Anna Vicho.

The Trote Chair is redefining an ordinary office chair. After an analysis of today’s office trends, Elisa Alcaide, Oriol Cabarrocas, Joan Mateu and Marina Vidal decided to create a chair that’s inspired by a children’s game. The Trote Chair provides a rocking balance that’s relaxing, while also still be functional to work with.

Not quite a magic carpet (but close!), the Imagiro, designed by Júlia Riera, Sonia Santos and Anna Solà, is a carpet that will let your imagination run wild. It’s a decorative carpet while also acting as a game for adults and children alike. Its inner mesh makes it easy to easily transform the carpet into drastically different designs like origami.

Cut the Cube is a shelf that features your design. Inspired by a cube, Katia Aleix, Josep Maria Borbon, Alanis Esté, Lourdes Fernàndez, Denis Lara, Pol Martinez and Maria Palau wanted to create a shelf that had the qualities of a cube, but would encourage interaction with a user. Thus, Cut the Cube, a storage tool that can be customized to a user’s desires.

via http://design-milk.com/


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