Skagen’s Signatur Hybrid Smartwatch Dials In Connectivity

Skagen’s Signatur Hybrid Smartwatch Dials In Connectivity

Named after the Jutland peninsula’s northernmost town, it wouldn’t be all surprising to mistake the contemporary American watch brand Skagen for one originating from Denmark, the name symbolic rather than historical. Nevertheless, Skagen has done well for decades representing the ideals of modern Danish design for the American market, minimalist timepieces with distinct features that belie their affordable prices. The Skagen Signatur Hybrid Smartwatch represent a continuation of the brand’s trademark sleek and modern design language, a collection of four timepieces merging the horological heritage of mechanical movement with unobtrusive connectivity features to keep wearer informed without distraction.

Skagen’s hybrid approach to the smartwatch manifests in a discreet notification system, one relying upon subtle cues rather than overt display notifications that may intrude on concentration, delivering the wearer updates using a secondary dial with four color-coded dial sections to silently communicate whether a call, text, or app notification needs attention (illustrated in action here).

Because its smart features are primarily shared/pushed over to a connected Android or iOS device, the Signatur only requires a standard replaceable CR2430 coin-cell battery to power its features, simplifying life of less required Micro USB connection. Interchangeable 20mm straps afford aesthetic flexibility, while each of the four styles present a distinct personality that should appeal across lifestyles.

Connected to an Android or iPhone via Bluetooth 4.1, the Signatur watches works in harmony with its own app to ensure exact time and date keeping, automatically adjusting the watch dial hands, while also diligently keeping tabs on daily sleep and movement activity – easily reviewable from the connected smartphone.

All four of Skagen’s Signatur hybrid smartwatch line is available online now, priced between $175-195 depending upon finish and band.



Author: Connor Renwick

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