The 5 Best New Cafes in Sydney to Try by BrandsExclusive

Sydney’s cafe scene never takes a day off. These new openings put specialty coffee and convenience at the forefront. Enjoy these new spots as they may become your new favourite watering holes!

1. Chippenburg

Located in the middle of Chippendale, Chippenburg is designed to serve the neighbourhood’s growing number of creatives, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The cafe’s attention is on cold-drip coffee and takeaway lunch. There are soups in winter, salads in summer and sandwiches all year round. Obviously, there are plenty of power outlets to make the most of the cafe’s free wi-fi. The cafe space can also be reserved for meetings outside of cafe hours.

2. South by Dukes

Dukes is one of Melbourne’s most popular cafes, which is exciting for us Sydneysiders, as the iconic cafe has just opened it’s doors in Barrangaroo.

South by Dukes fills a void in the coffee market with its specialty roasts. The coffee beans change seasonally, however filter AeroPress and batch brew are constantly offered. The menu is modest with a couple of sandwiches and breakfast items.

3. Calibrate Coffee

Located in a key position beside Roseville Station, Calibrate is focused on micro-lot and high-end coffee beans. It goes as far as evolving different bean blends for white and black coffees. The cafe’s design matches its emphasis: the centrepiece is a custom-made, white Slayer espresso machine.

4. Hugh John Manors

Husband-and-wife team, Blake Rix and Mel Kendrick have taken over three shops in Engadine to open a cafe, coffee roaster and creative studio. The coffee is sourced from Rix’s own Drumroll Coffee Roasters next door where he experiments with different techniques.

5. Roomie Café

Right near Bondi Junction Station, Roomie has a street-looking takeaway window. Co-owner and furniture designer Alexander Kashin helped figure the cafe’s décor. The owner’s Siberian heritage is bold on the menu with the Syrniki, Siberian hot cakes sitting next to avocado on toast.

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Author: Connor Renwick

I'm a store mad guy who loves sharing the best and quirkiest shopping experiences around. I live for designer fashion, Versace, high end furniture, jewellery and travel.

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