| See more at https://www.instagram.com/palazzocollezioni/

| See more at https://www.instagram.com/palazzocollezioni/

Source: Palazzo Collezioni

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Modern Laundry Rooms That Will Make Laundry More Fun

It’s probably the last room in the house to get any love yet it usually gets used more than its fair share. Which room, you ask? The laundry room. While many don’t have the luxury of laundry in-house, those who do would probably appreciate some ideas to spruce up the often dreary space. That led us on a quest to find some modern laundry rooms that any of us would be happy to hang out in while slaving away load after load.

Modern Laundry Rooms That Will Make Laundry More Fun

Part of her own project renovating an A-frame cabin in Palm Springs, designer Sarah Sherman Samuel took on the laundry room which began with some sad “before” photos. The “after” images are quite stunning, especially the custom wallpaper she designed and had printed for the space.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt

Located in Lafayette, California, this house was designed by Amber Interiors for a family that has lost their previous home in a fire. They worked with architect Barbara Chambers of Chambers & Chambers on the classically modern design, including this no frills laundry room with the washer and dryer tucked away in what easily could have been a closet.

Soda Pop Design created this laundry room with turquoise cabinets that feel so fresh and clean. The cabinets were paired with modern brass hardware and a black and white patterned tile floor. Plus, can we talk about the cubbies for the dogs?!

This Minneapolis mid-century rambler was renovated by Marsden Building & Remodeling, who carved out a light-filled space to house the laundry room. The white cabinets and appliances are built into a wood enclosed nook set off by the shiny blue floor.

Photo by Valerie Wilcox

Cadieux Design created this laundry room for clients that were up for anything. Small white hexagon tiles make the bold blue cabinets pop, while black, white, and grey wallpaper on the far end adds another geometric element and brass accents finish the space off.

Photo courtesy of Jenna Cooper

A house in Los Angeles was restored by a local Hancock Park designer and includes this minimal laundry white and wood room. The new space fits in perfectly in the modern farmhouse with rustic wood floors, simple white tile, and a butcher block countertop. A single wooden shelf holds necessities within reach.

Photo courtesy of Superior Wood Products

The interior of this jaw-dropping house in Palm Beach, Florida, was designed by Marc-Michaels and includes custom cabinetry by Superior Wood Products. The hand buffed, high gloss white cabinets are combined with solid walnut accents and floating shelves for storage hang above without blocking light coming in through the windows.

This mighty laundry room is housed within the master bedroom closet which has to make laundry incredibly easy, right? Studio McGee took down two walls to enlarge the space and installed a large island for folding clothes.

By Bruno renovated a space to house a bathroom, closet, and laundry room all in one. The entire space is outfitted with white Italian porcelain tiles with cobalt blue aggregate mixed in to look like terrazzo. Oversized white subway tiles cover the walls and rich wood cabinets with a beautiful grain surround the appliances.

The Lilypad Cottage shared their own revamped laundry room, which features blue and white wallpaper, soft grey cabinets, and blue/grey slate flooring, that all can be disguised behind a hidden sliding door.

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5 Steps To Improve Your SEO

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5 Steps To Improve Your SEO

The cold, hard truth of the Internet is that you can have the prettiest photos, best portfolio and most engaging website layout, but if you’re not coming up in search results, then only your mother is finding her way to your site. Before you bemoan the dollars spent in making things pretty, know that all is not lost! We’ve partnered with Squarespace to offer you some tips to climb out of the Internet black hole and rank in relevant search results.

We are talking about SEO—Search Engine Optimization. In other words, making sure your site ranks and appears on major search engines like Google or Bing. This is not Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is the paid side of Internet search. SEO is the unpaid side of things—the organic search. It can also be a little more work, but because Google gives more value to organic results, the payoff can be substantial (and long lasting).

When you build a site using Squarespace, the technical side of SEO is covered. They handle the site map, SSL certificates, and clean HTML markup: all things you don’t want to worry about. But that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. There’s a lot you can do on the content side here. Ready? Here we go!

#1: Develop Your Keyword List
The goal of SEO is to be sure that targeted end users (the customers and clients you want) can find their way to you when they do a web search. Which means, that we need to have a sense of what they are typing into that search box. There’s a good chance that you already have a sense of this. What products or services do you offer and what might be people be searching to get there?

When you’re brainstorming, remember to be specific. While “interior designer” might be a high volume search term, it’s probably too broad to be helpful. You could add a location keyword to help narrow it down and target a more appropriate audience, but also try to think about your client. If you just bought a mid-century home in Los Angeles, you’d likely be searching for “Mid-Century Modern Los Angeles designer”, the same for a Cape Cod in Maine or a newly constructed condo in New York City. Aim for a list of about 30 or so keywords that you’d like to rank highly on. (Hint: most of these are likely to be your service plus specific key terms like your location or your client’s business).

#2: Research
Once you have your brainstorm keyword list, you’ll want to further refine your list and try one of the many keyword tools sites out there to see how your words stack up against what people are searching for and how much competition you’re facing from other sites. KWFinder offers a good free tool for analyzing keywords. MOZ also has a good keyword explorer tool. Another suggestion would be to check out Answer the Public or SEMRush. SEMRush will give you information on the queries that are currently sending traffic to your site, corresponding pages, and where they rank.

#3: Know Your Baseline
OK, so you got your amazingly refined keyword list. Before you head off to populate your content with your chosen words, you need to take stock of where you’re at. After all, the first step in any improvement program is knowing your starting point. When it comes to weight loss, this means stepping on the scale. For SEO, the scale is your Google ranking. But because Google tries to personalize results, it’s not enough to Google your company and see which page you appear on. While you can try a search using an incognito or private browser, even those results can be skewed by your location (based on your IP address). The best solution is to use free rank checker, like SERPs or SEMRush to see where you land.

#4: Use Those Keywords
OK, it’s finally time to put that list to work. The days of keyword stuffing (think the old days of the Internet and blog posts with a bunch of keywords at the bottom) are long gone. In fact, Google penalizes sites that try to stuff keywords in a post. Instead you want to be strategic. Search engines typically prioritize site titles, page titles, blog post titles, and headings. These titles also appear in browser tabs and search results, so it’s important to write them so they’re friendly to both search bots and human readers. (Meaning they should contain your keywords but also be written conversationally). The current max character length for these snippets is 320 characters.

Here are a few great way to include keywords into your website without overtly spamming each page:

  • If you sell products, create a description for each product that contains keywords.
  • Start a blog!
  • Make sure each page of your website has a unique headline, title, and content. Using Squarespace, you can change both your title formats and browsers tabs to optimize.
  • Use Squarespace blog excerpts, which show up in your Google search results.
  • Structure content with headings—just like titles, search engines typically give headings a higher priority. Clear headings that describe the content that follows make it easier for search engines to detect the major themes of your site.
  • If you have a physical location, use Map Blocks and Business Information Settings to add your location.
  • Optimize your images (see #5 below)

#5: Images – The Low-Hanging Fruit of SEO
Now that you have your keyword game on-point, it’s time to turn your SEO magic on to images. Search engine bots can only read text, so if your image name is IMG_3434 (or some other default), you’re missing any searches for the content of the images.

And this is a huge miss. Searches in Google images counts for a sizable share of all web search traffic. But because it requires an extra step on the part of the content creator, most people don’t take the time to do it. So, simply by adding a little text to your images you’ll be scooping up the hits that most people miss.

  • Image file name. The file name is important. Rename your images so that the file name is a basic description of the image.
  • Alt tags. Alt tags are HTML attributes used to describe your image and are used in place of the image when it doesn’t render or isn’t displayed.
  • Captions. Captions are typically the title or description that is displayed with the image.
  • Descriptions. This is the field that allows for a fuller explanation of the image (and can even include links). Descriptions are displayed when an image within a post or on a site is clicked on and opened in a separate window.

Improving the SEO of your site is a lot like going to the gym, you have to do a little bit every day to get where you want to be. It can feel like a slow haul, but eventually you will see results.

And if you’d like to let team at Squarespace take over the technical side of your SEO lifting, then make your next website using Squarespace. Use coupon code DESIGNMILK at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase.

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One to One Geometric Mirror Collection by Armando Bruno

One to One Geometric Mirror Collection by Armando Bruno

After a successful, limited edition run, designer Armando Bruno has gone back to the drawing board for his One to One collection of mirrors which are set to launch in April at Milan Design Week. This new round of geometric mirrors have been given a fresh spin with unique patterns of digitally printed marble details.

The collection includes circles, hexagons, triangles, and rectangles with unrepeatable marble patterns thanks to a production process that combines technology and craftsmanship. Each mirror is a glass plate with a thin layer of silver that’s attached to the glass by electrolysis. Parts of the silver are removed manually so those areas can be reprinted with the marble patterns, or etched and then reprinted with patterns. The process can be repeated multiple times for various effects.

Photography Art Direction: Alessandro Bonavita
Photography: Umberto Barone

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5th Column’s Ciro Wooden Stool Mixes Modern and Traditional Processes

5th Column’s Ciro Wooden Stool Mixes Modern and Traditional Processes

Named after the sun for its circular form, Ciro is a stool that merges both modern and traditional production processes following a series of experimentations with various materials. Ciro was designed by 5th Column, a design firm based in Vadodara, Indian, with the final outcome being made of mostly wood, combined with an aluminum frame and natural cane.

While mass production rules in our tech-obsessed society, 5th Column hopes to resurrect traditional handcrafted goods seeing them as relevant in today’s times, especially with the personal attention to detail and the stories woven into each design by the makers. While the stool’s frame is cast aluminum and the seat is machine manufactured wood, those parts are connected by hand woven cane giving the seat a little bounce. That detail is added not only for functionality (the bounce), but for the overall aesthetics as well. Four wooden legs complete the lightweight and durable stool.

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Modern Door Hardware with a Twist

Modern Door Hardware with a Twist

You may have never thought that a door handle would rate high on your must-have list, but once you get a look at the stunning handles and plates created by Bonnemazou-Cambus, you’ll understand the meaning of the adage “good design in the details.”

The road to our door handle lust began in 2014, when Parisian design partners Agnès Cambus and Manuel Bonnemazou designed just a single door handle. They already had their own creative studio, Elements-S, and had been working as a design team for fourteen years. Their unique take on the utilitarian door handle wowed design critics at shows like Maison & Objet in Paris and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City.

door hardware

PL-PS. N°01, white mat lacquered handle paired with a satin brush brass plate. (Brass plate, 90,00€; white handle, 160,00 €)

Both designers received solid design mentorship from two designing greats: Manuel began his career by working with Habitat, the household retail icon, and then later for British designer Tom Dixon. Agnès spent many years working with French architect Christian Biecher both on his building projects and on his furniture. Manuel and Agnès still credit Christian with their appreciation for color and the combination of simple geometric shapes.

orange door plate

GL-LM. N°01, powdered-coated metal knob paired with a red lacquered metal plate (door plate, 140,00 €; handle, 160,00 €)

To meet the demand, the paired formed a new company, Bonnemazou-Cambus, to produce what they call “door jewelry”. Not only are the handles spectacular in their own right, but they also can be paired with different door plate options to create dazzling combinations.

Many of the handles utilize brass, and the finish is intentionally left unvarnished and natural, allowing it to age naturally and develop a unique patina. This idea is that eventually, this will create a near perfect juxtaposition with the lacquered pieces, whose powdered coat will remain pristine and unchanged.

cloud door plate

PL-NM. N°03, white matte lacquered knob paired with a white matte lacquered plate (door plate (two shown here) 110,00 €; door handle 160,00 €)

Their innovative attention to detail and creative way of elevating the mundane is something all their own. It’s the result of a shared personal passion for design. Which makes sense: Manuel and Agnès are more than just business partners. They’ve also designed a life: fourteen-year-old Hector and ten-year-old Iris are the products of their twenty years together. If the best design comes from loving what you do, maybe it follows that the best work must stem from love. We are certainly feeling lots of love for these beauties.

brass door plate

GL-CM. N°01 satin brushed brass knob paired with satin brushed brass plate (plate, 150,00 € and knob, 140,00 €)

Currently, the pieces need to be purchased directly from the Bonnemazou-Cambus website, but here’s to hoping that they find a US retailer soon. (Note: Prices listed are approximate as each piece can be completely customized.)

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Sydney’s Top 8 Cosy Date Spots To Try by BrandsExclusive

Rediscover the excitement of summer love by getting up close and personal with some of Sydney’s cosiest date spots. We’ve rounded up our top eight across the city to heat up your love life this season!

1. Nola Smokehouse & Bar, Barangaroo

Barangaroo is where Sydney’s iconic harbour views meet the culture and vibrancy of New Orleans. At Nola, located in Sydney’s up and coming hot spot, you can discover delicious cocktails with a New Orleans style Smokehouse. Escape the colder weather by snuggling up over an intimate table for two by the whisky bar and make your way through the 500+ collection of American whiskies. If you’re after a delicious meal, take a seat in the restaurant and enjoy picturesque views of Sydney’s west end harbour, while indulging in traditional southern American style cuisine. A go-to spot for those looking to impress.

2. Archie Rose, Rosebery

Gin lovers, rejoice! We’ve found Sydney’s first gin distillery in 80 years. Expect to be immersed in the ultimate gin experience, with combination of liquors brewed on site, gin tastings, or the option to make your very own brew (how romantic). A rustic, warehouse feel, dimly lit, with a touch of ambiance – expect to take ‘going for a drink’ to new heights.

3. SoCal, Neutral Bay

Discover a sneaky golden state gem on the north shore. Hidden behind a rather inconspicuous looking door, just off Military Rd, it’s easy to miss this hotspot. Follow the narrow staircase to discover a location buzzing with energy. You can expect food and drinks that are a perfect reflection of what you can commonly find along HWY 101. With a menu perfect for sharing, make your way through the extensive wine and seasonal cocktail list. Espresso Martini lovers, this is one spot you have to try.

4. Lobo Plantation, CBD

Tucked away in the busy streets of the CBD, this Cuban-style rum bar/restaurant combines intimacy and energy to deliver the perfect, inner city date spot. Follow the winding staircase underground, to discover the vibrant, Latin inspired destination. Perfect for a first date, bar staff can talk you through the extensive range of over 250 handpicked rums, sourced from all over the world. Combine an elaborate cocktail menu with delectable Latin cuisine, and you’ve got yourself a winning date spot.

5. Corridor King St, Newtown

A vintage, eclectic destination where you can expect to find some of Newtown’s finest craft beers, alongside an array of delectable specialty cocktails. Follow a rickety staircase leading through candlelit hideaways to discover a cosy deck for you and that special someone to perch yourselves for the night. If you’re after something a little more intimate, opt for a share house style room featuring vintage décor art covered walls coupled with cosy mood lighting. The perfect combination of casual and intimate.

6. Small bar, Erskine St, Crow’s Nest & Kirribilli

As the name suggests, small, intimate and super cosy. For the wine lovers, make your way through the extensive wine list, while devouring the delicious share food from the bar menu. For those in searching to warm themselves from the inside out, discover a menu to suit all tastes. Ranging from fried chicken burgers, to tacos, salads and cheese plates, it’s the perfect spot for those in search of an intimate meal for two.

7. Manly Wine, Manly

For the Sydney-siders ‘over the bridge’, or anyone looking to escape the bustle of the city, this picturesque location is a no-brainer. Recently made famous as the location of Justin Bieber’sfirst ‘vegemite experience’, this local favourite is perched down the south end of Manly beach. Enjoy stunning views of the ocean while sipping on one of their infamously almost-too-pretty-to-drink cocktails.

8.Palmer and Co., CBD

Tucked down a demure alley just off one of Sydney’s busiest streets discover an underground hotspot that will transport you back to the 1920s. Discover dapper bar men and glamorous flapper waitresses, as you and that special someone enjoy specially crafted seasonal cocktails and delectable share food. A buzzing energy, and a cosy layout, it’s the perfect location to escape the heat.

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