10 Modern Things to Elevate Your Next Picnic

It’s officially summer for many of us, which means dining al fresco under (hopefully) blue skies is finally a possibility. Even better is taking your meal somewhere other than your patio for a completely different experience. We’re big fans of picnics so we thought we’d scope out some goods that would make a good picnic great. Check out these 10 modern finds that will definitely raise your picnic game up a few notches.

10 Modern Things to Elevate Your Next Picnic

1. Picnic Lounge by Fatboy 2. Knife, Fork & Spoon Set by Bambu 3. UMA Sound Lantern by Pablo Designs 4. Compostable Tumbler from Wasara 5. Baggy Winecoat by Jakob Wagner for Menu 6. GIGI 1 Liter Bottle by bkr 7. Cheeky Party Snack Plates 8. Bottle Opener from Areaware 9. Portable BBQ Suitcase from Kikkerland 10. All Weather Bag by Baggu

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A Solid Case for Concrete on Society6

A Solid Case for Concrete on Society6

I’ve been seeing a lot of concrete products over on our sister Instagram @designmilkeveryday and love that this material is currently trending. There’s something cool about seeing the raw, industrial material applied to accessible modern design versus on the ground or in architecture. On the subject of accessible (and while we’re at it, affordable), Society6 artists have been applying this material to their designs. I love that there are so many items you can choose from, whether you’re looking for a new clock or a new shower curtain, there’s something on Society6 for all your home needs. Here are a few of my favorite products:

Simply Kintsugi Ceramic Gold on Clay Pink art print by Simple Luxe

Concrete notebook by Coconuts & Shrimps

Painting on Raw Concrete throw pillow cover by Cafelab

Raw Concrete and Black Leather wall clock by Cafelab

Abstract – Marble, Concrete, Rusted Iron throw blanket by Santo Sagese

Gray Stone shower curtain by Wall Threads

Geo M15 rug by Leandro Pita

Concrete Autobahn beach towel by Poetic-city

In an ongoing effort to support independent artists from around the world, Design Milk is proud to partner with Society6 to offer The Design Milk Dairy, a special collection of Society6 artists’ work curated by Design Milk and our readers. Proceeds from The Design Milk Dairy help us bring Design Milk to you every day.

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“Nerdvana”: A Creative, Colorful Office in Portland for Data Nerds

“Nerdvana”: A Creative, Colorful Office in Portland for Data Nerds

When 300 self-proclaimed “data nerds” at software analytics company New Relic needed a new place in Portland to call their work home, they brought in IA Interior Architects to make their very own “Nerdvana” happen. After strategizing together, IA based their design on the company’s core values: accountable, BOLD, passionate, authentic, connected, and frictionless.

The office is broken up into various sections to house everything from larger groups to individuals, all with comfort in mind. Whether they prefer to lounge in a chair, prop up on a window seat, or stake claim at a worktable, there are plenty of options for any scenario. There’s even a realistic looking fire pit for the ultimate in coziness. Not to be ignored are the incredible 360 degree views of Portland, which include Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, the Willamette River, and several bridges.

Since many people ride bicycles in Portland, an installation of bikes on a graphic wooden map of the Portland bridges welcomes guests, along with guest bike parking for anyone visiting.

Portland’s weather can often be gloomy, but IA incorporated vibrant colors into the design scheme to create a colorful and creative space that’s bound to combat the less-than-perfect weather.

Murals and quotes by celebrated scientists and mathematicians were designed by the IA Environmental Graphics Design team to welcome and educate those who visit the office.

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Lena Beigel Creates a Unique Way to Experience Food

Lena Beigel Creates a Unique Way to Experience Food

German-based designer Lena Beigel explores a new way to plate and experience food in her project called Supertaster 2.0. Triangular dishes in varying heights, which fit within wooden trays, can be configured in any way you prefer to represent the tasting experience you want to have.

The dishes with the highest height are meant to house the foods with the most intense flavor, with the shortest pieces reflecting the mildest. Once the dishes are arranged based on the visual you desire, a culinary experience begins.

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New Modern Jewelry Additions to Adorn Milk

New Modern Jewelry Additions to Adorn Milk

Over the past two months, we’ve added new pieces on Adorn Milk from existing designers including History+Industry, beroep|tech and Nervous System. Check out some of our favorites:

Taurus necklace by History+Industry (also in first image)

Grotto earrings by History+Industry

Double Crater necklace by History+Industry

Vertical Slash Hook earrings by beroep|tech

Screw Head studs by beroep|tech

Flat bar earrings (long) by beroep|tech

Lacewing earrings by Nervous System

Flora Brooch by Nervous System

Dichotomous earrings by Nervous System

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Lindsey Adelman Studio Shines a Light on New Works at Afterglow

Lindsey Adelman Studio Shines a Light on New Works at Afterglow

During NYCxDesign week, Lindsey Adelman Studio hosted the public Afterglow show at her gallery to showcase new works created by her, as well as designers Mary Wallis and Karl Zahn. Inspired by the idea of an afterglow, a meteorological term for that magical rosy light that appears in the sky during twilight, the three designers created light fixtures that are modern, physical interpretations of the beauty of this natural phenomenon.

Mary Wallis is a Senior Designer at Lindsey Adelman Studio and designed Edie to be romantic, rebellious, and wild, all at once, with a design that can blend into a modern home or old-world spaces.

Like her other works, her Empire chandelier explores the theme of beauty in fragmentation.

Karl Zahn’s Kingdom fixture definitely commands attention in a room and resembles a plant found in nature. This idea is apparent in the rational yet wild design (like a Fibonacci sequence found in succulents). Karl currently holds tenure as the studio’s Design Director.

Lindsey Adelman’s own Cherry Bomb collection of fixtures aren’t to be missed. With bulbous orbs connected to willowy, slender branches from which metallic fringes descend, her sconce and chandelier fixtures look like something you’d find in a mossy forest.

Photos by Lauren Coleman.

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The C-Light Collection by Bower

The C-Light Collection by Bower

The C-Light Collection is a minimalist lighting collection created by Brooklyn-based designers Bower that are made from oil rubbed bronze finished metal tubing and custom satin blown glass globes. The C-shaped fixtures are available as a sconce, floor lamp, single pendant, and double pendant.

The C Floor Lamp is a freestanding lamp anchored by a simple circular metal base. Thin black metal tubing extends to hold the C-shaped fixture of the same material, offset by satin blown-glass globes, which illuminate its ends. The C Sconce curves around a bisected circular base, offering a surprising sculptural element at home in any interior space.

The Single Pendant C Light can be oriented to either the left or right, creating a versatile complement to any room’s existing architecture and accompanying design. The Double Pendant C Lights are offset, hanging at different heights with the C-shape’s open ends facing each other for a sculptural effect.

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