Desktop Wallpaper: July 2017

Desktop Wallpaper: July 2017

It’s official you guys. We made it to the second half of the year and with the beginning of July means a new desktop to grace all your tech screens.

This month’s Designer Desktop brings a hot topic to the table through art. Created in collaboration with Raise the Caliber, an initiative created by Jessica Mindich that’s dedicated to raising awareness about gun violence through artist works, Tracy Hiner of Black Crow Studios created the Caliber collection of wallpapers. Inspired by this quote by the late Carrie Fisher,

It starts with art
art creates change
art creates hope
art inspired change
take your broken heart, turn it into art

Tracy decided to use “color bomb” paints and photography (a new creative approach for her) to turn something painful into something beautiful. The guns seen in the collection are all illegal guns that were released from evidence or turned in through gun buy-back programs around the US. They have been destroyed for the collection – so they can never destroy again – and repurposed into fine art prints and wallpapers. To Tracy, the paint surrounding the guns represents a form of release, like a freedom from the harm they have caused.

20% of all sales are donated to the Caliber Foundation to help fund gun buy-back programs across the US in cities that need it the most. Black Crow Studios is also offering an exclusive signed and numbered print to Design Milk readers for $150 (originally $250). Only 100 are made and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Enter DESIGNMILK here to access the special offer and support this amazing cause.

You can also download this month’s mesmerizing desktop wallpaper below. For the larger desktops, they’re paired with Black Crow Studios’ signature quote: “She threw away all her masks and put on her soul.”

Click on the size below to download:

DESKTOP: 1024×768 \\\ 1280×1024 \\\ 1680×1050 \\\ 1900×1200 \\\ 2560×1440

MOBILE: iPhone 6/7 \\\ iPhone 6/7 Plus \\\ iPad

See more of the Black Crow Studios x Raising The Caliber wallpaper collection here.

View and download past Designer Desktops here.



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